Sandra Trimble


About the Artist

“My work isn’t for shy people,” Sandy claims when describing her textile art. She loves exploring the possibilities of felt sculpture, woven pattern and surface design. Sandy’s scarves and other articles of clothing are made from silk, pashmina, or a cashmere and silk blend. In adding color to some pieces, she utilizes a Japanese tie-dye technique, known as Shibori. In others, she beautifully paints directly on the textile. Purchasing her art to wear is ultimately a celebration of color, as she strives to share this vibrancy and love of color with others. When she’s not producing her own artwork, Sandy teaches others fiber arts, and has worked with students from middle school to college level. She is currently an adjunct instructor at Seton Hill University.

Where You Can Get My Art

Brownstone Fine Art Gallery, Raystown Lake Visitors Center, Vintage Art Glass