Nancy Ott

Painting - Acrylic

About the Artist

What better way to portray the spirit of the Pennsylvanian outdoors than on the picturesque feathers of a turkey? Nancy skillfully paints scenes with various animals on turkey feathers, and claims that she simply enjoys trying to capture the beauty of God’s creation in whatever she sees. This artist also paints on many other means, such as landscapes and portraits on pexi glass and uses acrylic and spray paint on both sides in order to create a depth that accentuates the whole piece. Experimenting further by ever growing requests, Nancy has painted on objects such as milk cans, saws, Christmas bulbs, leaves, bark, and even the fenders and saddlebags of a motorcycle. Working in an emergency room, she even displays her work there and undoubtedly brings the joy of nature to those indoors in need.

Where You Can Get My Art

Allegheny Mountains Convention and Visitors Bureau, Brownstone Fine Art Gallery, Dillweed Bed and Breakfast and Trailside Shop, Raystown Lake Visitors Center