Richard Hower

Stone Carving

About the Artist

Richard Hower's latest artistic interest is stone carving. Using ordinary creek stone he chisels into them fun, whimsical faces, each being a one of a kind original. His intention is to produce work that is visually stimulating that makes people smile. Hower has been making things with his hands since early childhood. While fishing and painting on a local stream he noticed some of the stones seemed to have faces in them. He took a few home to see what he could expose and found it to be very exciting. As a painter he loves the landscape, using acrylics or water colors, but finds himself drawn toward sculpture and digital art. A designer and artist by trade for 24 years, he has developed a variety of skills, most recently developing a website to display his work which can be viewed at

Where You Can Get My Art

Brownstone Fine Art Gallery, Log Cabin Gallery Shop