Lynn Marchetti Heverly

Digital Generated Art and Photography

About the Artist

“My passion is Art. I have a thing for creativity,” Lynn maintains when describing her work and talent, which dates back into childhood. Her first interest was comics in her attempt to reproduce them as a child and eventually furthered her into several other mediums, such as photography and oil painting. But it was the occurrence of a tragic family accident that prompted Lynn to try her hand at digitally generated art in interpretation of thoughts starting in an intensive care unit. She taught herself all the aspects of creating art on the computer and before long, was producing beautifully colorful abstracts. Soon, this self-taught artist began taking part in countless exhibitions, The variety of colors and shapes make her work interpretive, allowing the viewer to simply see what they want to see. But whether Lynn’s end result is achieved with photography, oils, or an art piece that has been digitally generated, she considers herself blissful and fortunate when working with the arts.

Where You Can Get My Art

art4 Gallery, Brownstone Fine Art Gallery, Servello Gallery, Vintage Art Glass