Gaius "Doc" Hanawalt


About the Artist

The first experience in woodworking for this artist came in the form of playing in his father’s workshop, who was a gunstock maker, when he wasn’t allowed. As a boy in the late 1950’s, Doc made slingshots from plywood scraps and then sold them in school. But it was an old lathe, which is a turning tool machine for working wood or metal, that had been in his family for generations that initiated his passion for woodturning. He eventually progressed to making segmented bowls and vases, which he especially enjoys for the ability to play with colors and patterns. Because of many trips made to the Southwest, many of Doc’s bowls are inspired by the Native American’s baskets and pottery. In the years that have passed since first learning this art, he still uses some of the tools and lathe passed down to him from his great-grandfather when he was a boy living in Altoona. Currently a resident of Woodland, PA, Doc does not have a gallery or showroom in his shop, which is comprised of two floors that sits across the road from his house. However, he hopes to add one in the near future. More examples of Doc’s work can be found at:

Where You Can Get My Art

art4 Gallery, Brownstone Fine Art Gallery, Raystown Lake Visitors Center