Judith Gentile

Jewelry Making, Textiles

About the Artist

A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with an associate degree in Fashion Illustration, Judith has always had an interest in fashion, especially jewelry. While working as a graphic designer for over 18 years, she has also acquired an Interior Design certificate from Seton Hill College. All of those experiences, as well as her appreciation for architecture and oriental art, influence her unique and original designs. Semiprecious stones, Swarovski ® crystals, Cubic Zirconias, peacock feathers, freshwater pearls, petrified wood, glass beads, natural stones, Dichroic glass, Mother of pearl, tarnish resistant copper wire and sterling silver chains are all incorporated into Judith’s designs to create her ©Fantasy Crystal Collection. Due to the intricate nature of her compositions, she prefers to use permanently colored copper wire, instead of sterling silver, which would require polishing, and could possibly distort the designs. Working intuitively, she combines these various purchased elements into woven and wrapped treasures, often allowing the base piece to dictate the flow of each design. She is drawn to unusual stones, and enjoys the challenge of including these in her sometimes abstract compositions. She also prefers to use semiprecious stones in a more natural state to produce a more organic aesthetic appearance to her art.

Where You Can Get My Art

Vintage Art Glass