Sally Frehn


About the Artist

Pottery has served as a vehicle for self-expression for Sally since she first laid hands on it as a student at Juniata College. With an incredible teacher, Jack Troy, she has learned to push the boundaries of clay. She continued her ceramic endeavor and completed a MA in Art Education at Pennsylvania State University, and focused on the figure as an image in ceramics. Through this process, Sally’s pots have developed character (literally and metaphorically) and continue to embrace the aesthetic quality of ceramics. She creates functional and sculptural ceramics; however, her passion lies with pushing the limitations between the two. Sally’s inspiration comes from her environment and the constant interaction with it and her surroundings. While she is hiking, biking, or sitting at her son’s sporting events, she is observing. This constant awareness of her environment has proved to be worthwhile, as inspiration presents itself in many forms, whether it is something that strikes an emotional cord or a theme that surface in conversations, all of which kindle the creativity of her work. Sally’s work is created in her studio and fired in her own gas kiln. The work is fired to cone 10 and the glazes are lead free. She glazes multiple layers and waxes between each layer, which allows each piece to be unique. Sally has won regional shows and exhibited in national art shows. Since she is a teacher, she is only able to attend 3-4 shows a year, with a Christmas exhibition and sale. The remainder of her work is on display in her studio.

Where You Can Get My Art

Raystown Lake Visitors Center, Dillweed Bed and Breakfast and Trailside Shop