Emilee Elder

Jewelry Making

About the Artist

Caneworked polymer clay jewelry has been Emilee’s passion for fifteen years. To this self-taught artist, it’s such a pleasure when a piece makes someone smile. Because for her, that’s what art should do: make people feel joy. Her designs focus on the world around us: people, animals, plants, flowers and geometric designs. These unique jewelry pieces are created in her home studio in Duncansville, using an ancient art form called caneworking, which dates back to the first century A.D. Modern caneworking involves layering different shapes and colors of polymer clay to produce a rod, or a cane, in which the design runs through. When a cane is sliced crosswise at any point in its length, the same design is revealed. Several hundred pieces of clay are layered precisely to achieve a single design. Once the cane is built, it is carefully reduced in size, then sliced into cross sections. Once fired, these slices are used to make jewelry! Emilee is also a juried member of the Blair County Guild of Craftsmen. She has been a member of that guild and the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen for eleven years. She is also a member of the National Polymer Clay Guild. More examples of her work can also be found on her website, at www.emsgems.com.

Where You Can Get My Art

Raystown Lake Visitors Center