Leah Davis Dell

Stained Glass

About the Artist

A prerequisite class for her Master’s degree in art therapy at Vermont College is what prompted this artist’s love of stained glass art. What started out as a hobby nearly thirty years ago soon flourished into a successful business. Originally starting her Vintage Art Glass store in Chicago, Leah later relocated to her hometown of Huntingdon, PA. Here, she initially purchases full sheets of color glass and cuts it done to fit a custom design and continues about the process of creating beautiful works of art. Leah considers herself a custom artist, because of all of her work is one of a kind. Some of her handmade keepsakes include lamps, crystal and antique replica jewelry, beveled window hangings and panels, custom panels for entrance ways or cabinets, and much more. Her store can only be described as a serene shopping experience with a magical charm. Because in addition to her many stained glass works, Leah also creates ponds and utilizes even more artistic creativity in professionally constructing streams, ponds, waterfalls and other water features. Her business, Damselfly Dreamscapes, custom builds ponds right in your backyard, thus making your property heaven on earth.

Where You Can Get My Art

Allegheny Mountains Convention and Visitors Bureau, Dillweed Bed and Breakfast and Trailside Shop