Joseph Berezansky

Digitally Enhanced Art

About the Artist

Joseph grew up in Charles, a small coal-mining village in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Farms filled with dairy cows surrounded his hometown, and the animals were a familiar and comforting sight throughout his childhood. After completing high school, Joseph served proudly as an Army Ranger, and graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1982. Today, he works from his home studio, accompanied by a friendly mouse named Mitchell who loves to nap in his shirt pocket as he paints. “My biggest influences were Van Gogh for color and texture, Picasso for design, and Norman Rockwell for charm. But it was the musical writings of Lennon and McCartney that gave meaning” the artist explains. “I have designed and painted many images over the years, but one of my favorites is the peace cow series. Not only do they remind of the security of my childhood, but by forming their patterns into recognizable icons. I hope they will be an inspiration to others in many positive ways.”

Where You Can Get My Art

Dillweed Bed and Breakfast and Trailside Shop