Lynn Baney

Painting - Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas

About the Artist

For the past 15 years, this full time working artist has owned the Brownstone Art Gallery, which was relocated to Roaring Spring in 2007. The gallery location provides exhibition opportunities for art of many genres. In addition to owning the gallery, Lynn is a contracted art teacher at two Pennsylvania State Correctional Institutions, Huntingdon and Smithfield, since 2001. She is currently teaching acrylics to the main population and watercolor to the special needs units in both institutions. She has also conducted workshops and given lectures in National Museums and offers portfolio critiques as well as private instructions to developing artists. Lynn’s work is exhibited and sold nationally and internationally. Her paintings are included in private and public collections and many of her works have received national awards. Lynn maintains that she makes art for visual excitement and cerebral stimulation, which produces a spring board of infinite ideas. Her paintings come from an internal place before they manifest on paper or canvas, proving color is the most important color for her. A conceptual idea and/or subject expand from the palette to create the overall composition, mood, and tone. Lynn’s intent is to depict the essence of a feeling that goes beyond the surface of the work. Each painting is premeditated whether consciously or subconsciously. She doesn’t sit in front of a blank surface waiting for inspiration, it’s already there. Her work is on purpose and for a purpose.

Where You Can Get My Art

Servello Gallery, Vintage Art Glass